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    The Great White Whales were created to control the airspace on Mattherson, and to support any ground forces that need it. Ask us how we can help cover your outfit today!
  • Air Combat

    Air Combat

    We specialize in taking the fight to the enemy air. We then support ground forces advancing into enemy territory.
  • Coordination


    Using Teamspeak 3, our pilots coordinate CAS strikes on unsuspecting targets, line up enemy ESFs for eachother, and still have time for banter! Come see what an organized group can do!
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Community Clash Recap

Had a fun time being involved in the Community Clash and we wanted to formally thank No Nonsense Gamers (NNG) for inviting us to be part of their group for the event.

A couple of great quotes that I thought were worth sharing...

"Everyone is saying air is overpowered on the nexus, just by watching this one scrim. I don't think you guys understand just how good TGWWs are in the air. They are masters of the sky. Dominators with Daltons. Sultans of the Shredder. Watching the air battle from the ground during the match was a sight to behold indeed. They allowed us ground pounders to do our jobs unmolested by the enemy's air."

"TGWW maintained Air Supremacy throughout both halves not just by clearing the sky but by exhibiting their terrifying skill with Air Assets contesting caps with jumping out of their planes and preventing caps."