The Rules

I hate rules, and I never thought we'd get big enough to warrant 'rules' and putting things in writing. Well, we're a bit more popular than I initially envisioned so it's time to put down some rules and information about The Great White Whales. -Dreadnaut

The Rules:

  2. See rule #1
  3. You MUST have Teamspeak 3 installed and have a mic. We use that to communicate and it's mandatory. (There are a few exceptions to this rule for non-outfit members)
  4. You MUST install the Cross Talk Plugin (Info is in TS on the Air Cav Channel Description). We use custom Channel Groups for Pilots/Gunners
  5. During Alerts/OPS, it's TACTICAL COMMS ONLY. Alerts/OPS is where we get down to business. This is not the time to talk about what you had for lunch
  6. You must register on our website to get mail sent to the outfit
  7. If you are INACTIVE for more than 15 days without notice, you will be removed from the outfit (There are exceptions).


We're not actively recruiting, we don't NEED more pilots. However, if you're a good pilot and you want to fly with us, come fly with us. You DO NOT have to be in our outfit to come fly with us, however there are some requirements if you want to fly with us. If you want to join our outfit, you're going to need to come fly with us for a while and see if you fit into the group. Only after you fly with us, and if you fit in and don't completely suck, we may send you an outfit invite and you'll be set as a recruit. There is no time frame on being a recruit, you could be one for a day, a week, or a month. There will be a time when one of the officers says, "We should make so and so a member" and then we'll vote, and that's that.

Any and all of the above is subject to change at any time for any reason as the needs of the outfit do change from time to time.

TGWW Officers