The Great White Whales

This outfit was created to bring the best Vanu pilots together on the Mattherson server. We're all highly skilled pilots/gunners with one goal in mind, crushing the TR and the NC. You can fight with the best, or die with the make the choice.

Our goal is to provide high quality Air Support for Outfits on while they are running OPS. We provide the necessary air cover needed for foot soldiers to get in and capture a base.

Without Air Superiority, you cannot win. You must FIRST control the air to have the ability to control the ground. This is just FACT.

"Since the German attack on Poland in 1939, no country has won a war in the face of enemy air superiority, no major offensive has succeeded against an opponent who controlled the air, and no defense has sustained itself against an enemy who had air superiority. Conversely, no state has lost a war while it maintained air superiority, and attainment of air superiority consistently has been a prelude to military victory. It is vital that national and theater commanders, their air component commanders, and their surface component commanders be aware of these historical facts, and plan accordingly."

The Great White Whales is an Outfit on the Mattherson server in Planetside 2